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Pattazhi devi temple, one of the ancient devi temples in kerala


Pattazhi devi temple, history behind the temple and location

Pattazhi devi temple is a famous temple in kerala and also prominent one in kollam, dedicate to goddess bhagavathy, is one of the ancient temple in kollam, pattazhi devi temple is situated at the eastern direction from kollam. the name pattazhi refers the soft ocean which indicated the silent silent and a mercy posture of bhagavathy to the devotees, there is another legend that says pattazhy derived from bhattarika which means a virtuous and pious women. the temple is located 10 km away from kottarakkara.

Pattazhi devi temple
Pattazhi devi temple


In old days the temple was administrated and maintained by the nine families at this locality. once a man named kambithan reached there, he had some super power than human also the spiritual powers, he took the maintaining of the temple on that days, there are some interesting stories about kambithan, actually is a sir name and after the first kambithan there came second one who has also the same powers equal as the first one was in the temple, he stay there very far. there is a shiva temple located very adjacent to the pattazhi devi temple and older than devi temple which occupies two old buildings with single room behind the shiva temple which are served as the monuments of these two kambithans.

Kottarakkra is the nearest city having a well comfortable bus station which connect the other cities of the state this route isconnect to trivandrum by southern direction. pathanapuram is the other city also with a bus station. kollam and chengannur are the nearest railway station from pattazhi devi temple with distances 38 and 41 km respectively. the nearest airport is trivandrum international is 98 km away from the destination. there are lot of devotees reach here to achieve the blessings of bhagavathy.

Address: Enath Arattupuzha Pattazhy Road, Pattazhy, Kollam, Kerala 691522
Phone: 0475 239 9421

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