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Pattathipara waterfalls, a picturesque beauty of thrissur in kerala

Pattathipara waterfalls, history, location and other details

Pattathipara waterfalls kerala
Pattathipara waterfalls kerala

Pattathipara waterfalls is beautiful and scenic waterfall in thrissur district, waterfalls is a major tourist attractions in thrissur. pattathipara is literally means, pattathi is a brahmin lady in malayalam and the para means rock. that is it locally means the rock of brahmin lady. it located 12 km away from thrissur on the way to thrissur palakkad high way . pattathipara is a cascade waterfall. it falls down by the steps of rocks. if you plan a trip to thrissur there are many spots to enjoy, especially the waterfalls, including marottichal, athirappalli, vazhani etc. this scenic waterfall must be an awesome experience for you.

Pattathipara is a three tiered waterfall, the actual location is at chemboothara in thrissur. the waterlevel become very high during monsoon, it is very danger to visit the waterfalls, because the rocks are in slippery stage during monsoons. the picturesque waterfall is located at the middle of greenish beauty, in another way this waterfall is the beauty of nature. kerala blessed with lot of waterfalls in kerala, especially thrissur has some scenic waterfalls, which attracts not only the domestics but also it an awesome experience for the foreigners.

it believed that there is an interesting story behind the name of this place, in old days a brahmin lady reached here to brought the water, but she fell down to the waterfall and passed away, and hence it got the name pattathipara for the surrounding area. A single dip in the waterfall may be a varity experience and col climate is very attracting one. thrissur is the nearest town which is 12 km away and has the facility to connect by buses avilable very lot. the railway station is also at the same distance. cochin international airport is 52 km from the destination.

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