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Pathiramanal island located in Alappuzha , tourist attraction of vembanad lake

Pathiramanal island, paradise of birdwatchers lies in vembanad lake

pathiramanal island alappzuha
pathiramanal island alappzuha

Pathiramanal island is a small island located as the part of vembanad lake in alappuzha district. pathiramanal island is very popular for the migratory birds which reach here from all over the world. the island is very little which is not accessible by road transportation, the spot is focused at the south most direction of alappuzha it can be reached here only by boat. it lies at the border of kottayam district and the muhanma grama panchayath of alappuzha diistrict. pathiramanal means the night island the island is also known as anatha padmanaban thoppu. you can reach at the island either by speed boat or by motor boat. if you choose the speed boat, it will very helpful to save your time.

It covers 20 hectares of land in the middle of vembanad lake. the island is an inhabitant area and hence the birds got very comfortable condition. there are many valuable herbs and lot of coconut trees overlaps the island, it is a plastic free zone. the journey to the destination by boat covering the picturesque beauty of the lake and the island. variety species of the birds includes whistling duck, darter, indian shag, gulls, terns, little egret, large egret, water cock, common teal etc.

kerala tourism department manages the activities in pathiramanal island. october to may is the best time to visit the island. don’t tr to spend more time inside the island because there is not an accommodation facility. alappuzha kumarakam boat route connects to the island. kumarakam is the nearest city which connects the bus services 4 km away from the island. alappuzha and the kottayam railway stations are at the same distances from the island, you can choose the best as your wish. both of them are 20 km away from the island. cochin international airport is 85 km away from the spot.

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