Pashupathinath temple nepal, shiva at the banks of bagmathi river


Pashupathinath temple Nepal, pooja timings and history

Pashupathinath temple nepal
Pashupathinath temple nepal

Pashupathinath temple is a world famous temple which dedicate to lord pashupathinath at the banks of bangai river, the temple is situated at eastern outskirts of kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal. lord shiva is worshiped as pashupathinath in Nepal at this temple. This is a holy hindu temple it says that a man who dead at this temple then he reborn again as a human so many devotees at the final stage of life reach here to was all sins do in their life, it same as kashi viswanath temple in india. it believes that the holy bagmathi rives washes all sins of human and lord shiva blessed to have a human rebirth again.


Bagamathi river is served as holy river llike ganga. The temple got the world attention by addind the list of world heritage list by UNESCO. the valleys of the temple also counted as heritage monument by UNESCO. Shiva rathri festival is the main festival host at the temple. It’s structure is a cubic construction with four main doors all are covered by silver sheets. There is a huge statue of nandi established in the temple, it is the holy bull of lord shiva. The origin about the temple is unknown tradition says that it was built around 4th century by pasupreksha of the somantha dynasty.

The priests of pashupathinath are called bhatt, the temple add some small temple structures inside the compound. chandeswar and dharma shila are the example of such architectures. There is a temple structure at the north west side for vasuki, is the queen of nagas or serpants. There are regular bus services from Kathmandu to patan, goshala is the bus stop for reach at the temple it takes only 45 minutes to travel.

pooja timings:
Morning: 4.00 am to 12.00 pm.
Evening: 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm

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