Parassini muthappan vazhipadu details – list of pooja offerings at madappura


Paimkutty, Vellattam and Thiruvappana are the main offerings – Parassini muthappan vazhipadu name

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Thiruvappana -Thiruvappana is a main offering which performed daily in sree muthappan temple except some particular days. thiruvappana is the offering must watch by the devotees. The peaceful atmosphere of parassinikadavu welcomes the visitors in great way. It must need a dip in the holy water source of the temle. lord shiva is the main deity appeared as sree muthappan. Thiruvappana is actually is the manifestation of the deity so that the ritual performed every day. devotees headed to parassinikadavu on the morning to take part in thiruvappana. it must take a receipt from the devaswom counter before the offering. it will charging only 25 rupee for thiruvappana. The authority holding 2 seasonal thiruvoppana festival in every year.

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vazhupadu rate at muthappan temple parassini
vazhupadu rate at muthappan temple parassini

Vellattam – Vellattom is an offering by performing the dance of madayan in the temple compound, madayan will listening the problems of devotees. Its expense is 15 rupee only. vellattam is performing everyday at the evening and around a time of 6.30 pm, one of the popular Parassini muthappan vazhipadu.


Paimkutty – There is only rs 2 charging for conducting paimkutty offering. this is the offering of submitting some substances to muthappan.this is the process of offering offering him toddy, incinerated fish, cooked grains and coconut. Some special group of people have the right to do this offering.

Image making- This is the special offering for curing from diseases by the devotees, this can be do by making the images of human eyes, hand and feet in gold or silver and submitting to sree muthappan.

Karimkalasham , oottum vellattam, paimkutti vellattam, vilakkum mala, choroonu, thulabharam etc are some of the other offerings at sri muthappan madappura kannur.

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Parassini muthappan vazhipadu information
Parassini muthappan vazhipadu information

Thiruvappana is not performing on following days:-
1. Nira day of the temple
2. New moon day of malayalam moths thulam and karkidakam
3. Thulam 1st to half of vrichikam every year
4. When there is a death at madappura family

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