Pandalam mahadeva temple, famous for the kettukazhcha festival


Pandalam mahadeva temple- location and specialties

Pandalam mahadeva temple is one of the main shiva temples located in pathanamthitta lies between thottakkonam and mulambuzha, the temple got the world attention by the kettukazhcha festival arranged every year at this temple. this is one of the oldest temples in kerala among and among one of the 108 shiva temples in kerala. pandalam maha deva temple located at the banks of achankovil river, the water become holy by the blessings of lord shiva.

Pandalam mahadeva temple kettukazhcha festival
Pandalam mahadeva temple kettukazhcha festival


according to the hindu mythology it is believed that the main deity of the temple was actually installed by lord parasurama. the pandalam mahadeva temple is extremely follows a pure kerala style architecture. it has a special feature by the natural procession route around the sanctum, except this temple all shiva temples follows anti clock wise route around the sanctum after a normal procession.

pandalam mahadeva temple temple is one of the destination of the pilgrimages who going to sabarimala ayyappa temple, it is believed that the pandalam is the home town of lord ayyappa, also the palacce of the lord ayyappa is located at pandalam, the thiruvabharanam ghoshaythra to sabarimala from pandalam is a world famous festival, which host every year during the end of mandalkalam. so the devotees reach here to achieve the blessings of lord ayyapppa too. pandalam mahadeva temple is one of the 108 ancient shiva temples in kerala was resecrated by the great saint khara muni. lord ganesh, ayyappa, nagaraja, yakshi, brahma rakshas, subrahmanya are the sub deities of the temple.

Chengannur and pandalam are the nearest towns to the destination, chengannur is the nearest rail head to the temple. yearly kettukazhcha festival and annual festival are the mass festivals conducted at this temple. there are five daily poojas host at this temple.

Pandalam Mahadeva Temple Thottakkonam , Pandalam Pathanamthitta, Kerala – 689 501

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