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Pambadum shola idukki district – the ideal place for an adventurous trekking

Pambadum shola, the smallest national park in kerala

Pambadum shola idukki location
Pambadum shola idukki location

Pambadum shola is one of the national park among the five national parks in kerala, situated in idukki which established in 2003 is the smallest national park in kerala. the hill ranges is located along with the western ghats in kerala, it is the heritage area by UNESCO as the part of western ghats. pambadum shola literally means the place where the snakes dancing this shows the presence of wild life belong to this regions. it sprawling an area about 12 km at the southern region of the hill s=ranges. pambadum shola is situated above 2400 km above from the sea level. the park is aimed to preserving the shola forests as the name suggests.

The place is rich with lot of flaura and fauna, especially the shola forests. it includes species like nilgiri marten leopards, indian wild dog, elephants, monkeys, barking deer, wild boar, common langur etc. nilgiri wood pigeon, darter, nilgiri fly catcher etc are the variety bird species seen here. pambadum shola is rich with evergreen tropical forets and semi evergreen forests. there is about 22 species of trees found. there is an adventurous trekking possible but the authorities not allowed to extend the safari into the areas of pambadum shola.

Night camping and trekking are the main attractions in pambadum shola, three hour trekking is arranged by the ecotourism council. a guide is allowed in trekking team it is very helpful you to know about the more things clearly about the location. 6.00 am to 6.00 pm is the visitors time. munnar is the nearest city which connects to all other cities. aluva is the nearest railway station located about a distance of 150 km away. cochin international airport is the closest airport which is 145 km from the destination.

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