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Pakshipathalam Visiting Time – Rich with great biodiversity and nature beauty

Pakshipathalam a great view of wayand at the hill top

Pakshipathalam wayanadu tourist location
Pakshipathalam wayanadu tourist location

Pakshipathalam is the tourist destination in wayand which elaborates the beauty of peaks at wayanad. it is a beautiful destination blessed with rich bio diversity. pakshi pathalam, means the underground of the birds means in malayalam, there is not means that it is the place belongs to birds. this is the paradise of birds and animals too. this is one of the amazing tourist destination adjacent to the district head quarters of the district. the beautiful hill top is station is situated above from the sea level about 1740 meter. pakshi pathalam is lies in brahmagiri hills in wayanad which is counted as a popular destination in kerala.

Pakshi pathalam is rich with lot of flaura and fauna. it bounded with dense forest, birds,animals and flowers include tigers, leopards, elephants, civets, monkeys, asian fairy blue bird, emerald dove etc. the characteristics of the hills are the top hill rock and deep hills rock caves. according to the hindu myths it was the place of sages, the sages chosen the location for their meditation and devotional needs. there are many caves which used by the sages. trekking is the adventurous thing which offers at Pakshi pathalam, it is really a challenging thing. district promotion council arranges the tourism activities at this destination.

there is a tower hold at the top which offers best view for watching the birds. garudan kunnu and bhuththan kunnnu are the prime hills focused at the destination. the name garudan kunnu was derived from the rocks which shows the resemblances to the eagle, garudan means the eagle. this is the origin of the name garudankkunnu. mananthavady is the nearest town located at distance of 17 km. kozhikode is the nearest rail head at a distance of 107 km. the nearest possible airport is focused at calicut at a distance of 125 km.

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