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Padmanbhaswami palace kanyakumari, royal headquarters of travancore kingdom

Padmanbhaswami palace, located in kanayakumari district of tamilnadu

Padmanabhaswamy palace kanyakumari
Padmanabhaswamy palace kanyakumari

Padmanbhaswami palace very familiar with everyone who know about trivandrum, the palace located at kanyakumari district in tamilnadu, but Padmanbhaswami palace administrated by kerala government. during the period travancore kings they rule southern kerala, the palace was the head quarters of their kingdom. Padmanbhaswami palace located beside to veli hills. The palace is built during venad kings 1n AD 1601 by iravi varma kulasekhara perumal, the palace was rebuilt by anizham thirunal marthanda varma, one of the stronger and founder of modern travancore in 1750, he dedicate the royal life,prosperities and all things to lord sree padmanabha swami lived as a servant of god, in kerala history this incident says as ‘thrippadidanam’, it was also in 1750.

Inside the temple complex there is a clock tower with 300 year old clock but still it showing the accurate time, the temple complex includes the council chamber of king called mantrsala, thai kottaram dediccates to queen which built in 1550, there is also a theater calling natakasala uses to perform arts, and A four-storeyed mansion at the center of the complex. the architecture is only give the complete form by southern palace known as thekke kottaram.the hall of the palace accommodate more than 1000 guests at a time.

The palace is kept like museum, the padippra welcomes you to Padmanbhaswami palace, trees are protested here, magical vision made by woods and also wood pillars is present here. the dining hall is also present here, there are 64 cots made with medicinal trees to avoid sick. royal substances like chair, hanging lamp,hanging cot etc, beautiful corridors are also belong to the palace complex. it is believed that the secret passage of the palace used by the kings to escape from some emergency condition, now it is blocked.the distance from nagarcoil to palace is 20 km and distance to trivandrum from palace is about 50 km.

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