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Padmanabhapuram palace, The royal bungalow of travancore kingdom

Padmanabhapuram palace, entry timings and tourist attractions

Padmanabhapuram palace trivandrum
Padmanabhapuram palace trivandrum

Padmanabhapuram palace is a wonderful palace which built during the period of travancore kingdom in early days. it was built in in 16th century. now the palace is located at kanyakumari district of tamilnadu state but the palace is administrates an maintains by the government of kerala. this is the best example of kerala style archhitecture and a magic of wood all areas of the palace especially th rose wood carvings. this showing the excellence of the earlier architectures who lived in kerala. padmanabhapuram palace shows the prosperity of travancore kingdom in early days. the palace is famous for preserving the murals belonging to 17th and 18th century.

The structure of thepadmanabhapuram palace is divided into many ones including maantrasala, thaikottaram, natakasala, and thekke kottaram. mantrasala is the chamber of king’s council which is the most attracting one in the palace, it has the windows with colored mica which helps to prevent the dust away, the floorings of the padmanabhapuram palace is maintained in a natural way, thses all are showing the brilliance of old architectures in kerala, and the thai kottaram is mother’s house which is painted and wood works also. natakasala is a performance theater which was early used for performing the art forms. thekke kottraram is the southern palace. there is also a A four-storied mansion at the center of the complex.

This is also provides a view to see many other things including musical bow in mahagony, royal furniture, mural paintings, Chinese carvings etc. such a prosperous palace cannot be see any other in the world.the palace is nestled at the bottom of veli hills along with western ghats. 9.00 am to 5. 00 pm is the visiting hours and close in all Mondays. There is about 50 km travel to reach at the capital city of kerala at trivandrum

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