Oachira panthrand vilakku mahotsavam, holy event host at oachira temple


Oachira panthrand vilakku mahotsavam, festival lasts for 12 days in vrichikam

Oachira parabrahamam kshethra is the most popular shiva temples in kollam district, the unique feature of this temple without the temple walls and idol. lord shiva worshiped as oachira parabrahamam. oachira 12 vilakku is the most celebrated festival here. there are lot of devotees reach here every year especially in the festival days, it says that the a vision of panthrand vilakku will give the holy spirit to the devotees. oachira panthrand vilakku mahotsavam is the annual festival famous all over the world, which is usually falls in malayalam month vrichikam. on the first day of vrichikam, the temple flag hoist by the temple committee with the participation of the devotees.

Panthrand vilakku is the great penance for all keralites during mandalakalam. devotees follows a strict vrata during mandalakam all 12 days of panthrand vilakku mahotsavam. bhajana kudil is the highlight of panthrand vilakku mahotsavam. bhajana kudil are the temporary tents which built around the temple compound and they stay for 12 days from first day of vrichikam. bhajana kudil is an offering to lord shiva in mandalakalm season . the same offering can be seen in padanilam parabrahma temple. because padanilam is the actual origin of oachira temple. oachira temple does not exhibiting a complete temple structure. there are two banyan floor and a mangrove are the total structure of the temple. there are separate places for nagas, ganesha and yakshi.


Oachira panthrand vilakku
Oachira 12 vilakku

Oachira panthrand vilakku mahotsavam usually hold in november month. the sacred clay giving here is very helpful for curing all skin diseases. it is believed that it will fulfill the wishes of devotees who see panthrand vilakku at oachira temple. all 12 days of panthrand vilakku festival lady devotees reach here to chant the hymens of lord shiva. 12 days of the festival beccome colorful by the lightening and lamps. vrichikam 12 is the last day of panthrand vilakkku mahotasavam. which end with the fulfillment of vratas and great devotion to lord shiva all days of 12 vilakku. KSRTC provides more services from oachira on last day of festival.

2017 oachira panthrand vilakku mahotsavam:- 16 november(thursday) to 27 november(monday)

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