Oachira kali, commemorating the culture of Travancore – mock battle festival


Highlights of oachira kali event and festival date- oachira omkaramurthy temple

Oachira kali
Oachira kali

A holy place in kollam is famous for worshiping lord shiva without sanctum, however this is one of the main shiva temples in kerala and the main deity is commonly known as omkara murthy and also oachira omkara murthy. actually this destination is sandwiched between the national highways of kollam and alappuzha. panthrand vilakku ulsavam and oachira kali are the main events that celebrating in a grand way and then got a world attention to the land of kerala. oachira kali is usually holds in malayalam month midhunam it appears in the middle days of june.


Oachira kali lasts for only two days which commemorates the battle of two kingdoms named ambalappuzha and kayamkulam. the mock battle is takes place at the muddy water and martial experts participate in the mock battle. the participants stand on knee in the mud water. the mock battle followed by the sound of drums and traditional songs, audience watching the battle at the land of mud and encourage the participants take part in the battle. There are thousands of people all around the state will come to enjoy the festival that commemorates the culture of travancore.

The mock battle is starting after seeing sri krishna parunthu in the sky, because this is the traditional symbol for the initiation of the oachira kali. Two groups of participants splash each other by sticks in muddy water.
There is only 1 km distance between the oachira temple and town. the bus stand and and the rail head are housed at oachira town. it is very easy to accessing to the temple. the nearest airport is trivandrum international airport at a distance of 105 km. it located west side to national highway 47.

2018 dates of oachira kali:
start date- 15-06-2018, friday
end date -16-06-2018, saturday

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