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What is Noorum Palum Vazhupadu and it’s benefits

Mannarasala temple is not only a pilgrim center but also the great example of the bio diversity. the temple giving more prominence for the ecology. the sarpa kavu has a great place in the myth of kerala, according to the hindu legends it says that lord mahadeva advised to worship serpants for curing all problems of human on earth. there are lot of serpants can be seen in the temple compound. noorum palum at mannarasala temple is the great offering in the temple, its aim to reduce the sarpadosha, many people in the earth suffered by the curse of the serpents.

Mannarasala Ayilyam 2018 Date
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Mannarasala temple is destination of the devotees who suffered by sarpa dosha, there many remedies to reduce the problem. the devotees must take the receipt for offer the noorum palum pooja from the counter, but the prasadam of the offering cannot get that particular day, it will get by the post on to your home. thulabharam is another main ritual in the temple, turmeric is mainly used for this. a lot of devotees reach here to curing from the poison affected by the insects. pulluvan pattu is also dedicate to the serpants, there is a group of peoples to conduct this event.

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Appooppan kavu is a traditional forest area located along with the temple, except the kavu there is a tortoise pond lies in the temple compound also the snakes can see in the pond. valiya amma is the elder lady member of the family leads the temple rituals. noorum palum, nilavara payasam, milk and fruit,puttu, mutta, are the main rituals arranges in the temple. kavumattam processes is an event by which is changing the traditional kavu in some families of kerala that changed to the mannarasala temple.

Noorum Palum Pooja at Mannarasala Nagaraja temple
Noorum Palum Pooja at Mannarasala Nagaraja temple

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