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Nileswaram palace, the cultural center of art forms in northern kerala

nileswaram palace, the old palace of rulers at nileswaram

Nileswaram palace kasargodu
Nileswaram palace kasargodu

Nileswaram palace is the ancient palace of the kings belongs who ruled the region including nileswaram in early days, they migrated from the the various places of malabar. nileswaram is the north most location of the state. the palace is now lies at the nileswaram taluk of kasargod district. nileswaram is considered as the cultural capital of kasargod, the places including the district which commonly known as god’s own place. nileswaram is derived from the name neelekanda eswaram, the kings ruled here known as nileswaram rajas and the name was evolved from the influence f that kingdom which belongs to the samoothiris of kozhikode kingdom.

The activities of nileswaram palace is arranged by the folklore center of kerala archaeological department, now the palace is treated as the destination for know about the cultural art forms of kerala. here are many things exhibited inside the museum which includes the kavil bhavan yoga center and cultural which provides a new way of treatment by following the manner of ancient ayurvdic. it offers the neuron treatments too. the palace of nilgiri rajas was built aaround 600 years back. the palace architecture is follows a pure kerala style.the wood works introduced in the palace is very attracting one.

The nileswaram palace is now served as the part of folklore center, kasargode is famous with many ancient cultural art forms that born in north malabar, especially theyyams. the place is also famous for following the culture of kerala. neeleswaram is very close to the destination and the nearest bus station and railway station are focused at here. you can easily reach here by traveling 1 km from the town of neeleswaram. calicut airport is the nearest possible airport to the destination which is located at a distance of 177 km

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