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Nilambur teak museum malappuram – one of the rare museum in the world

Nilambur teak museum, location and features

Nilambur Teak Museum Malappuram
Nilambur Teak Museum Malappuram

Nilambur teak museum is a unique featured forest museum n kerala, located 4 km away from malappuram. kerala is rich of forests, the teak trees are the notable one. the importance of preserving the forests are the necessity to save the life on earth, this museum give the attention to teak trees in kerala at malappuram, the museum is administrated by kerala forest research institute. the museum was established in 1995, this kind of a museum is first in the world. it arranged in the sub center of kerala forest research institute. A teak plantation at nilmabur was the complete dedication to the teaks by the British in the beginning of 19th century, they used the timbers for there own purposes but still that plantation reserved under the state government.

The museum hosts many products with teak wood the demo of kannimara teak is very attractive, kannimara teak is the world’s old age teak that naturally growing in parambikkulam wild life sanctuary. in the ground floor of the mueum there is a brief demo about kannimara teak. Uru is the boats used in northern kerala, the demo of this sailing vessel also displayed here. it hosts an array of insects lived in teak plants like butterflies, moths etc. nilambur teak museum also exhibits the great paintings about deforestation and the teak tools used by old age peoples also demonstrated here.

This is not only the place for enjoyment but also to aware more about our nature, especially for students. The museum is open for the visitors daily from Morning 10 to evening 5. Nilambur is the nearest possible railway station to reach here and the major station located at shornur. the closest airport is at calicut at a distance of 36 km from nilambur teak museum.

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