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Nilambur kovilakam, the royal palace of nilambur kingdom


Nilambur kovilakam, located at the western banks of chaliyar river

Nilambur kovilakam
Nilambur kovilakam

Nilambur kovilakam is the popular palace of nilambur kingdom in malappuram district. nilmabur kovilakam is located at the foot of western ghats. this royal house has to say the story of the kingdom of nilambur and the kings who are ruled the the area was early known as eranad. the kovilakam is situated at the banks of chaliyar river, it is the fourth larget river in kerala and having the deposit of gold.


nilambur teaak museum is the nearest tourist attraction to nilambur kovilakam, chaliyar is also flowing inn the teak museum at nilambur. the kovilakam is located 30 km away from malappuram. the kovilakam is built in a pure a kerala style architecture, it reveals the beauty of wood work in early days. actually the history of the kingdom sleeps here.The architects from all over the world visit the area palace and wondred about the wood magic installed throughout the architecture of the palace. nilambur kovilakam is located at the western banks of chaliyar explores the beauty of nilambur kovilakam. the buildings are about 200 years old.

Nilambur Kovilakam Inside Pictures
Inside Pictures of Kerala Kovilakam



nilambur kindom was ruled by samantha kshathriyas. nilambur kovilakam is the culture of malabar and ancient history of kerala. there are many things preserved in the palace which belongs to the dynasty of nilambur and the remaining evidences of some peoples lived here.

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There is a temple belong to the palace which dedicate to kiratha moorthy of lord shiva, the pattu ulsavam celebrated in the temple is amssive festival in the temple, which sung by the kurupas who belong to the kurupa groups. nilambur is the nearest city and the railway station which 4 km away from the palace. calicut international airport is the nearest airport which is 35 km away.

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