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Neyyar wild life sanctuary, visiting hours and best time to visit

Neyyar wild life sanctuary,tourist attraction and entry fee

Neyyar wild life sanctuary trivandrum
Neyyar wild life sanctuary trivandrum

Neyyar wild life sanctuary is one of the ranked wildlife sanctuaries in kerala, which is located along with the western ghats. the sanctuary lies in the hill regions of agasthyamala. the sanctuary mainly aims to protect the wild life in kerala and the organisms in this region. there are 18 wild life sanctuaries in kerala to protect the wild life in the forest of the state. neyyar wild life sanctuary spread over an area about 125 sq. km. the sanctuary was established in 1958. it become rich with the water source of neayyar river, neyyar dam is the tourist attraction focused near to the destination.

neyyar wild life sanctuary is rich with loot of flaura fauna. this is one of the best ecological green point in kerala. the crocodile far is the unique specialty of this sot which preserves more than 20 crocodiles in the farm which established and maintained by the forest department. neayyar is also famous for preserving the elephants in the separate farm. the der rehabilitation center is the another attraction the deers protect in a concrete structure and then to the forest freely. neyyar elephant protection center is also the nature of this sanctuary.

neyyar wild life sanctuary is combination of protecting many wild animals in separate farms. neyyar dam is the nearest attraction on neyyar river . there is an ashram which hosts the yoga practice. trekking is one of the tourism activities offers here, you can reach here either by trekking. it will take 27 km to travel from trivandrum to neyyar wild life sanctuary, trivandrum is the major city has the services to connect by buses and trains also. trivandrum international airport is the nearest airport a a distance of 38 will open for the visitors from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm except Mondays. the entry fee i 250 per adult. September to march is the best time to visit.

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