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Neyyar dam, located at trivandrum- wildlife sanctuary, deer park, lion safari park

trivandrum tourist spot Neyyar dam – located at the end of western ghats

Neyyar dam timing and entry details
Neyyar dam timing and entry details

Neyyar dam, is an important dam in kerala located near to thiruvananthapuram kallikkad panchayath of kattakkada taluk, it situated at the bottom of western ghats, it bukit during 1958, the height of the dam s 58 m and length is 295 meter. neyyar dam is apart of neyyar wild life sanctuary. neyyar river is the south most river in kerala, the dam got its name from the river neyyar, it is a main picnic spot for tourist in trivandrum district. neyyar is greenish peace full area, neyyar river originate from agasthya hills and falls down in lakshadweep sea, the only lion safari park in kerala i neyyar, visitors can enter to this lion safari park in a fully covered vehicle, it near to the river.neyyar dam is a one of the gravity dam in kerala.

The wild life sanctuary of neyyar includes variety of wild animals, birds, herbs orchids ettc. deer park is another attraction of this place, variety of deer hosts here from different species. kappaukkad elephant sanctuary is little far away from the neyyar dam, it also has an artificial waterfalls and an aquarium with a large collection of fishes. boating facility is available for the visitors, it administrated by the state government of kerala, tourist can hire the boat at a rate of 250 rupee. beware of the crocodiles many lives were attacked by the crocodiles in neyyar river. a crocodile farm present here which established in 1977.

This place is very famous for yoga and meditation, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram conducts the yoga practice. the location of the dam situated is given by an agriculturit mr.krishnan panikkar. agasthyakoodam, ponmudi,kovalam etc are the attractions near to nayyar dam. it opens for 24 hours daily. The railway station and airport near to the dam is thiruvananthapuram, dam located from thiruvananthapuram at a distance 30 kilometer

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