New amarambalam wildlife sanctuary, location and geographical features


New amarambalam wildlife sanctuary, located at malappuram

New amarambalam wildlife sanctuary
New amarambalam wildlife sanctuary

New amarambalam wildlife sanctuary is one of the important wild life sanctuary in kerala, located in malappuram district, which is an extending to the great silent valley national park in palakkad, also the part of nilgiri biosphere reserve. it sprawling an area bout 65 acres. the amarambalam wild life sanctury is rich with lot of flaura and fauna. the spot is ideal for bird watching. it located 2500 meter above from the sea level. new amarambalam wildlife sanctuary is the largest wild life sanctuaries in kerala. kerala is rich with national parks and the wild life sanctuaries.

  • there are 18 wildlife sanctuary and 5 national park totally in kerala

Location and stay options


new amarambalam wildlife sanctuary is famous for hosting some rare species of birds. by the richness off the biodiversity the annual average rainfall attained here is very high. heavy rainfall is the peculiarity of this sanctuary. it provides best condition for trekking, it arranged by the forest department, there is also a tourist guide allowed to the trekking packages. it must be a wonderful experience in the jungle. the jungle safari is the another tourist attraction of this place. the variety of some rare species which includes birds, animals, reptiles, butterflies,insects etc. nilambur teak museum is the rare teak museum in the world which is adjacent to the sanctuary.

timings and entrance

The new amarambalam wildlife sanctuary is opens for the visitors daily from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. november to march is the best time to visit the spot. the indian bird conservation network identified some rare species of birds very rare in the country. the nearest railway station and the bus station is located at thrissur which is about 2 km from the destination, it only takes 53 minutes to travel to locate at the destination. calicut international airport is 60 km from here

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