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Nelliyampathi, popular for waterfalls – commonly known as ootty of poor people

Nelliyampathi, beautifull spot in palakkad district

nelliyampathi sithar kundu viewpoint
nelliyampathi sithar kundu viewpoint

Nelliyampathi is very popular by its name, ootty of poor people. Nelliyambathy is one of the hill station in palakkad district, the place is surrounded by tea and coffee plantations. pothudy dam welcomes you when you ae in Nelliyambathy journey located at the entrance, which is constrcted in 19th century. the hill is located 60 km from palakakd, weknow the temperature is high in palakkad district but the exception is here by the apprximate tempreature 21 degree Celsius. there is forming a lot of waterfalls when it is raining, seetharkundu waterfall is a main waterfall in Nelliyambathy, which starts from here and finally reaches at gayathrippuzha in palakkad. it is believed that the name seetharkundu is derived from the name seetha of ramayana, according to epic during the vanavasa rama took bath here. it is located in a height of 100 feet.

poabs organic estate, pothudy reservoir, Nelliyampathi guha, meenambara view point are the major attractions in Nelliyambathy, comfortable accommodation facilities you will get in Nelliyambathy the main hotels are orange valleyy resort, greenland farmhouses, misty valley hill resort etc. the distance from nelliyampathy to palakkad is about sixty km. there are many easy to locate the destination. The nearest airport is not in kerala, it situated 120 km from Nelliyambathy, there iis many bus services available from palakkad bus station NH 47 passes through nenmara it well connect the other main cities. Palakkad railway station is near to the spot with 60 km distance. choose taxi to destination point.

Choose the SUV taxi services to reach the terrain area of terrain, there is possible a jeep to these areas which is more better, the rent of 500 to 1000 rupee per day for trip to tea and coffee plantations and other popular sites of town. it is just 1.30 hours drive to destination, it is 80 km away from Thrissur town.

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