Nanganallur anajaneya swami temple, largest idol of hanuman- chennai


Nanganallur anajaneya swami kovil, rich in celebrating annual festivals

Nanganallur anajaneya swami kovil is one of the famous hanuman temples in tamil nadu, located at nanganallur in Chennai. the prime deity is lord anjaneya, the idol of anjneya is a very huge structure carved from single stone, is considered as the second largest idol of anjaneya in tamil nadu. anjana is the mother of hanuman so that the name anjaneya refers the son of anjana. according to hindu mythology, hanuman is a powerful deity, son of vayu deva. so that he also known as maruthy. it also says that anajneya is an incarnation of lord shiva. anjaneya is an endless deity so he also known as chiranjeevi.

The idol of anjaneya made from single stone which is about 32 feet high installed in recent years and the temple is not an ancient one. there are thousands of devotees reach here to have the blessings of lord hanuman in every year. lord hanuman in nanganallur anajaneya swami temple worshiping as Sri Vishwaroopa Aadhivyathihara Baktha Anjaneya Swamy. there are separate installation for lord sree rama, krishna,vinayaga and serpants. vada garland is the main offering in the temple, so that there are uncountable vadas need to prepare vada garland. beetle leaf garland is also a main offering to lord anjaneya.


The Anjaneya Temple Nanganallur Chennai
The Anjaneya Temple Nanganallur Chennai

Nanganallur anajaneya swami kovil has constructed in the year 1995. huge temple tower is the prime attraction which is about 90 feet high. madappalli is a large building which made for providing annadanam. sri rama navami, sri krishna jayanthi, gokulashtami, navarathri are the main festivals hosts here annually. naganallur is the nearest us stand a a walk able distance. mambalam is the nearest railway station located at a distance of 7 km. Chennai international airport is the nearest airport, is only at a distance of 2 km.

temple timings:-
morning- 5.00 am to 12.00 noon
evening- 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm

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