Namakkal anjaneyar temple, largest idol of anjaneya swami at namakkal


Namakkal anjaneyar kovil, festival, pooja timings and location information

Namakkal anjaneyar kovil located at a small villge namakkal in tamilnadu. it dedicate to lord hanuman, hanuman also called anjaneyar. the deity is close relate to the india epic ramayana. it is believed that hanuman is an incarnation of lord shiva. there are many temples in india dedicate to anjaneya swami. the main feature of this temple is its idol, which is installed in a standing position and carved out from a single stone and is very huge in structure which is about eighteen feet high. this is considered as one the tallest image of anjaneya in the country. this is situated in open position.

It located at the namakkal hill regions, which built by following dravidan style of architecture. the temple is most famous for worshiping lakshmi and narasimha. anajneyar facing to narasimha moorthy. namakkal anjaneyar kovil has pillared hall which leading to the sanctum. it is believed that this idol of anjaneyar is very ancient one. so it has great history relate to the indian culture. legends says that the idol of anjaneyar in standing position to worship lord vishnu as narasimha moorthy in namakkal anajneyar kovil. lord anjaneya folds his hands and wearing salagram garland and having a sword on his waist.


Namakkal anjaneyar temple idol
Namakkal anjaneyar temple idol

There are four daily rituals performed in a day. there are monthly and weekly for night rituals also performed. panguni uthram festival in tamil month uthram is a great event which lasts for 15 days. the birth day of anajaneya swami celebrated as anajaneya jayanthi. it is very easy to locate at namakkal anajneyar kovil. there is only walk able distance from namakkal bus station. the nearest rail head is also focused at namakkal at a distance of 4 km. the closest airport is located at trichy at a distance of 85 km.

pooja timings:-
morning- 6.00 am to 1.00 pm
evening- 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm

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