Nagarajar temple nagarcoil, worshiping king of naga with milk and turmeric


Nagarajar kovil famous serpant temple to clears the sarppa dosha

Nagarajar kovil located at nagarcoil famous for worshiping the king of serpants. it located at nagarkovil, it is believed that the name of the city derived by the name of the temple. krishan and nagaraja are the main deities of the temple. there are thousands of devotees reach at this temple to do the remedial rituals for sarppa dosham. naga theertham is the holy water source. karthiga star is the special day of the nagarajar kovil, on the day of every month special rituals takes place in the temple. shiva, subrahmanya, ganesha nad dwarapalakas are the sub deities of nagarajar temple.

The idols of naga are installed in the outside the temple complex, turmeric and milk abhisheka are the special offerings to nagas. water from the karpagraha is mixed with sand and distributed as prasadam. the interesting thing about it the prasadam become black color during tamil months aadi to margazhi months and become white from thai to ani. the priests belong to the nagarajar kovil nagarcoil are from the popular traditional family at thrissur. nagakanni is installed in the temple which is the female form of naga. the main deity naga raja presinding in the sanctum is called karpagraha by the sand pit.


Nagarajar temple nagarcoil
Nagarajar temple nagarcoil

Durga statue of the temple installed in the naga theertham. so goddess is called theertha durga. according to the hindu mythology bath in naga theertham on Tuesday during rahu kalam and worship the god with milk and abhishegam will clears all anga doshas, so that it known as naga parihara sthalam. thai urachav is the annual chariot festival lasts for 10 days. nagarcoil is the nearest city at a distance of 1 km with bus stand. nearest rail head is also at nagarcoil. trichy is the nearest possible airport.

pooja timings:-
morning- 5.30 am to 11.00 pm
evening- 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm

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