Muzhuppilangadi beach kannur – popular drive in beach of kerala


Muzhuppilangadi beach, ranked in best driving beach in Asia

muzhuppilangadi beach kannur
muzhuppilangadi beach kannur

Muzhuppilangadi beach is an awesome attraction of kannur, which is the largest beach in kerala and one of the drive in beach in kerala, a lot of people reach here to enjoy the beauty of sea as well the sunrise and sunset, the arriving of foreigners to here is wondering us. muzhuppilangadi beach is ranked in the position of six best beaches in world. a drive in beach means the peoples can drive the vehicle in this beach. this is really a greenish place with lot of coconut trees. but there must be pay for the entry of vehicles at the beach.


In muzhuppilangadi beach the vehicles not permitted to drive more than 20 km/hour, because the possibility of slipping the vehicles is very high when you drive in over speed. if you try to drive in over speed the beach police will charge fine on you. it is allowed 4 km driving allowed through the beach The other attraction of this beach are dharmadom island which is little far away from the beach, visitors can get a comfortable view to the island, also the boating facilities are available to the island. the other one is the monument of communist party on the solid rocks in the beach, this is the symbol of the party(sickle, hammer and star)

Bike riders can have also a nice experience from here, but the danger is about the water, you must take care about the water level, driving will cover through terrain area. Muzhupilangadi beach is located 7 km away from thalassery, this is the nearest town to connect the bus services to the other parts of the state. nearest railway station located at kannur and have a distance about 15 km from here.

Vehicle charge for drive in beach

1. car- 30 rupee
2. auto- 20 rupee
3. bike- 10 rupee
4. heavy vehicle- 50 rupee

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