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Mural art museum thrissur , location, visiting time and historical details

mural art museum, holds the history of mural paintings

Mural art museum thrissur
Mural art museum thrissur

Mural art museum is one of the rare museum in india to preserve the mural paintings. this kind of museum is this one only in kerala. located at thrissur district. it situated as a part of kollengode museum in thrissur which established by the kings who ruled thrissur. the initial form was known as sreemoolam chithrasala in 1938, chithrasala means the paint gallery. but the archaeological department is administrated the museum since 2009 and opens for the public to watch the paintings preserved in the palace. mural paintings early used in palaces to decorate the hall and walls. the paintings preserved in this museum is not only by the locals but also the great paintings of all over the world.

It exhibit the objects from early history of india which includes wood carvings, metal sculptures, ancient jewellery, equipment from china and japan. it also shows the a rare stone which only seen in the near by places of thrissur named koodakkallu which means a umbrella shaped stone. veera kallu is another example of such type stone used by old peoples of kerala. the stories of lord krishna became the theme of mural paintings in india. he archaeological department is take care of preserving this paintings in its purest form.

Thrissur railway station is the closest station to mural art museum which is a major railway station and it connects the all major cities of india. thrissur bus station also known as sakthan thamburan stand which is the nearest bus stand and easy to access all other parts. you can reach at cochin international airport when you travel 55 km from mural art museum.when you reach at thrisuur don’t miss this museum which collect the ancient history and mural heritage of india.

Address: Museum Road, Chembukkavu, Thrissur, Kerala 680020

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