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Meesapulimala, son of western ghats located in kerala – awesome peak

Meesapulimala, second highest highest peak along with western ghat

meesapulimala tourist place
meesapulimala tourist place

Meesapulimala is the major attraction of tourist when they visit idukki district, one of the important hill station in kerala the name Meesapulimala reach at common peoples after releasing of the malayalam movie charlie, the place name Meesapulimala means meesa is mustache and mala is tiger and then the literal meaning of this place is mustache of the tiger mountain. this meaning in never unnecessary because the royal appearance of this hill.

one thing is remember about the hill, it is the part western ghat in kerala, western ghat located in 6 states from gujarat to kerala in western shore of indian continent.The name derived from there are eight peaks formed in shape of mustache. Meesapulimala located in western ghat ranges in an elevation of 2640 meter. it is very close to munnar, this place if very familiar for the tourists who love trekking, The point starting from is rodovalley located 15 km away from munnar, jeeps are available to reach there, the trekking covers 8 main hills and ends with Meesapulimala at idukki. this is the tallest peak after anamudi in south India.

there are different tea estates leaves, shrubs can be seen during trucking sometimes you can see the awesome flower neelakurinji because it blooming only after twelve year break. kolukkumala estate is situated the way in trekking which is the highest tea estate located from sea level in asia. the area is blessed with variety of lives, they are elephants, neelagiri thars etc are some examples.

There are different way of transportation to reach here, nearest airport is cochin and located in a distance about 127 km. The taxi get from there to munnar, there is not direct train service to idukki so reach at ernakulam and choose bus or taxi. There are well facilities to stay in munnar.

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