Meenvallam waterfalls, a beautiful tourist destination at palakkad


Meenvallam waterfalls, location and best time to visit

Meenvallam waterfalls is the spectacular beauty of the water source in palakkad district which attracts the visitors by the scenic beauty of this waterfalls together with the amazing view of nature. the state is rich with lot of waterfalls they are spread all over the place. there are less waterfalls in palakkad compared to thrissur in wayand. Dhoni is the nearest main waterfalls in the district. meenavallam is an amazing waterfall and literally means a basket of fish in malayalam.

Meenvallam waterfalls location
Meenvallam waterfalls location
  • Address: Kalladikkode-Meenvallam Road, Moonnekkar, Kerala 678591



The scenic waterfalls is really originating from thupppanad river, is actually from the western ghats, so the water of meenvallam is so precious, western ghats spread over the eastern hill regions in kerala. this waterfalls is cascading down about at from a distance of 45 meter which flows through the dense forest. rock climbing is the prime attraction of the destination, it prefer climbing only in summer days, the rocks become slippery in rainy days. post monsoon season is the best time to visit. we know this district is more hot in summer, but the areas belongs to this kerala waterfall is provide a cool atmosphere in summer days. mannamada, ponpara and uppukalam are the small waterfalls adjacent to this.

ticket rates and entry time at Meenvallam waterfalls
ticket rates and entry time


The destination is focused between mannarkad and palakkad. trekking is the tourist attraction offers here, peoples can reach at the waterfalls by trekking. there is only 2 km journey from koomankundu which is the valley of the waterfall, when you travel by your private vehicle you can park your vehicles at koomankundu. palakkad and mannarkad is the nearest towns with distances 28 and 22 km respectively, these two are also connect to other cities by buses. the nearest railway station is focused at palakkad is about 29 km. calicut international airport is the closest airport at a distance of 70 km.

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