Kerala's Most Popular Tourist Spots

Meenkunnu beach, one of the popular beach in kannur

Meenkunnu beach and chala served together as a best tourism spot

meenkunnu beach kannur
meenkunnu beach kannur

Meenkunnu beach is a less explored beach in kerala located at a small village named azhikode of kannur district. it situated 12 km from the city of kannur. rather than the tourist location it served as a fishing center for the local peoples belong to the village, which is the surviving way of the villagers at this location. meenkunnu is literally means the hill of the fish, as the name suggests the area has the facility to catch the fishes but they are not hills. there are many rock walls which is not actually the concrete buildings these are only a foundation of rocks which give more stability for the beach from sometimes the calamities of the water.

Azhikode is famous by the name of the great speecher sukumar azhikode, thatwamasi is the famous book which is written by him. there is a small beach chala which extended to the meenkunnu beach which is served as the part of meenkunnu beach . the beaches are famous for the fishing purposes of the villagers. the beach is located at the shores of arabian sea in kannur, which is a less explored area and less polluted, so that it sure that the best place for relaxation from here.

meenkunnu beach and chala beach are the two hands of beach tourism in kannur because the district is blesses with lot of beach especially the driving beach in muzhupilangad and it is the largest beach inn kerala. meenkunnu chala together offers best picturesque beauty fir the visitors. kannur is the nearest city to connect by buses, the nearest railway station is also located at the distance about 11 km. calicut international airport is 120 km away from the destination. The calm atmosphere of the beach definitely be a nice experience for you, a fresh breath taking in the pure air is the highlight.

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