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Marayoor tourist attractions – the historical place of dolmens and sandal trees

Marayoor, evidence of ancient civilization in kerala

Marayoor tourist info
Marayoor tourist info

Marayoor is a beautiful village located 42 km east to munnar, marayoor also known as anchunaad in idukki district of kerala state. marayur gives the evidences of ancient stone age civilizations especially stone age. marayur has the taste of jaggery and smell of sandals both of these two is very special in marayur. marayur is located along with western ghats and this is one of the rain shadow place in kerala. marayur hills located between chinnar and eravikulam. the stones seen here are very old and it is believes that it is 5000 year old stones so government give more prominence to preserving these stones nowadays. marayoor means hiding place.

Marayoor jaggery is prepared from the sugar canes grown here which spread on a large area also the jaggery manufacturing units are present here, this process is very huge and a time taking one. marayur sandal trees are protected under control of government authorities in the forest. marayoor is also famous for muniyaras, that is known as dolmens, these are the stone architectures only built by rocks. muniyaras mainky for funeral purposes of old age man. some legends says some of these are their habitat. dolmens are mainly five huge rocks these five are joined together to form a hut like model, some of them have a hole for entrance. it says that the dolmens without the holes used for funeral purpose. underground dolmens can also see here.

There is only a less vegetation where the rocks found. the sculptures and cave temples of marayur gives a great lesson about the evidence of ancient civilization. dolmens are also found in foreign countries like France, Ireland etc. munnar is the nearest city which is a main bus station and the nearest railway station is at aluva located 154 km away from marayur. the nearest airport is at kochi with 112 km distance

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