Mannarsala Aayilyam Date – Most important festival at Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple


Date of Mannarsala Aayilyam in months of Kanni and Thulam

Mannarasala is the most dedicated temple for worshiping serpants in India as nagaraja, the name mannarasala is derived from mannarasala , there is a myth behind the name of the temple, lord parsurama was installed the prime deity. it was a dense forest having lot of mandaram flowers. the fragrance of the flowers leads to the name of the temple as mannarasala later it called mannarasala. the rituals in the temple follows as same of the methods suggested by parasurama. the deity is born as the baby of a brahmin lady, having five heads.

The five headed serpant choose the way of meditation. it is believed that the god serpant nagaraja still in the nilavara of the temple.There is a holy mother in the temple which followed after the samadhi of that brahmin lady. the mother of the temple known as mannarasala amma. valiyamma uma devi antharjanam is the current mother of the temple. Mannarasala ayilyam is the most celebrated festival in the temple, it says that the ayilyam day is the birth day of nagaraja. ayilyam azhunnulath is followed by this festival, on that particular day the procession of nagaraja hosts at the temple considering the deity as a king .


Mannarsala Aayilyam Date 2018
Mannarsala Aayilyam Date 2018

Actually the ayilyam day of Malayalam month kanni is the real birth day of nagaraja, it was celebrated in early days. but the celebration conducted in thulam month since the period travancore emperors.The temple mother leading the temple rituals on that day, mannarasala ayilyam is the annual festival in the temple which celebrated in a grand way, there are lot of arts performing in the temple except the temple rituals. the ayilyam festival lasts for three days.

2018 Ayilyam Date – Saturday, 11 November 2018

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  1. i wish attend next year aayilyam festival at mannarasala sri nagaraja temple.

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