Mannarasala temple vazhipadu are Uruli kamazhthu and Noorum Paalum


Mannarasala temple vazhipadu and Special Offerings

Mannarasala temple is a famous temple in kerala became famous by its unique features, this is one of the less temples in India which worshiping the serpants as the prime deity, the prime deity known as nagaraja that means the king of serpants. the offerings at the temple is also famous.

here we discuss about the special rituals in the temple. uruli kamazhthu is the main offering at the temple, the couples offer uruli kamazhthu vazhipad to have the children by the blessings of lord nagaraja. there are thousand of people became to experience with the blessings of uruli kamazhthu and they got the child.

Uruli kamazhthu and Noorum Paalum Mannarasala temple vazhipadu
Uruli kamazhthu and Noorum Paalum Mannarasala temple vazhipadu

Uruli kamazhthu pooja

This is a special pooja to the deity for childless couples, there are some formalities a along with performing the ritual, uruli menas a cooking vessel, which carried by the couples by their own hands and rounding the sanctum sanantorium of mannarasala temple vazhupadu through the serpant chanting, there will be silk inside the vessel. panchavadyam accompanies them.


before it dedicate at the main sanatorium the couples pray to nagayakshi after get the permission of nagayakshi finally the couples perform the vessel inverting in the main sanctum. after having the child the couples with their coming back here to uruli nivarthu which is the ritual that take the vessel to its normal position.

Panachikkad navarathri festival
Panachikkad navarathri festival

Noorum palum

Special ritual for feeding the milk for serpants, the idols of serpants bath in milk and rice powder and after by the turmeric powder, when you book the noorum palum prasadam Mannarasala temple vazhipadu it will be get back you to your home through post.

3. pepper offering : this is for curing from diseases, salt offering is also performed for health
4. puttum muttayum : solving the srapadosham
5. ghee : for long life
6.turmeric: for recovery from poison

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