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Mangalagiri temple Located Vijayawada – Lakshmi Narasimha Temple


Mangalagiri temple, location and other details

Mangalagiri temple is a popular temple in Andhra pradesh dedicate to lord vishnu , is considered as one of the eight maha kshethrams in south India, mangalairi menas the auspicious hills. it is believed that the visit at the temple washes all sins of the human, and the legnds says that the temple is guarded by lord hanuman, it says that Hanuman is immortal that known as chiranjeevi. there is a ksheera vriksham located at the temple ground which is also called milk tree also a divine one.

Mangalagiri temple Vijayawada
Mangalagiri temple Vijayawada


The temple tank is known as lakshmi pushkarni, it is believed that it was created by Gods, combining the waters from several holy rivers of the land that mahalakshmi bathed in this pushkarni and married vishnu thereafter. the panakala lakshmi narassimha swami festival is the great festival celebrates at mangalagiri temple. sri rama navami, hanumath jayanthi, narasimha jayathi are the other main festivals celebrates in a grand way at mangalagiri temple. mahasivarathri also celebrates at the temple, the lord goes on the procession of the decorated chariot.

It will be very easy to reach at mangalagiri temple, the temple is one of the holy vishnu temples in south India the state of Andhra Pradesh located adjacent to Vijayawada. vijayawada i the nearest bus station which located at a distance of 13 km, the services of APRTC well connect to the destination, frequent buses are avilable to the temple. the closest rail head is focused at Guntur peoples can head to the temple either by Guntur station or Viajayawada. Guntue station is located at a distance of 21 km. the nearest possible airport is also at Vijayawada which is about 35 km distance.

Address: Main Bazar Rd, Kothapet, Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh 522503
Phone: 098484 19118

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