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Malom wildlife sanctuary kasaragod district tourist attraction at kanhangad

Malom wildlife sanctuary, best known as koorg of kerala

Malom wildlife sanctuary kasaragod
Malom wildlife sanctuary kasaragod

Malom wildlife sanctuary is located in a small beautiful village malom on kasargod district, located east direction to kanhangad at balal kallar panchayath. this is actually a hilly village 64 km away from kasargod. malom hills are located along with the western ghats in kasargod. malom wildlife sanctuary is a well preserved sanctuaries in kerala by the forest department. the sanctuary is located between two hills ranipuram and kottancherry. the name malom is a local word which is derived from the name mahalokam, which means a vast area. other history says that the name malom is derived from malakalude lokam which means the world of hills. however these two thinking are very match to the geography of this region.

the forest region of malom is a good example of tropical rain forest in kerala. malom wild life sanctuary is one of the tourist attraction in kasargod. A great population of birds, animals, reptiles, small organisms survived very well. malom wildlife sanctuary is at vellarikund region. the animals of the sanctuary includes wild pig, slender loris, rhesus monkey, flying squirrel and porcupine, the presence of rhesus monkey is very interesting one. malabar hornbill, grey hornbill, peacock, owl etc and also you can see the variety species of snakes sometimes cobra and python. the sanctuary and the nearest places are best for spend your holidays.

the region is blessed with the tropical forests and green lush. the sanctuary also focus varitey species of elephants, panther, mangoose, malabar mammath, pangolin, wild buffalo etc. December to april is the best time to visit this place. kasargod is well connected to the other cities, it 64 km away from malom via NH 66. kasargod railway station is the easily accessible rail head and the mangalore airport is the nearest airport wwhich is 50 km away from malom

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