Malliyoor mahaganapathy temple, installation of lord krishna with vinayaka


The lord of clearing the obstacles of life – malliyoor mahganapthy temple

Malliyoor is a popular place in kottayam located near to kuruppunthara. malliyoor mahaganapathy temple is a popular pilgrim center in kottayam. the principal deity of this temple as the name suggests the ganapathy or vinayaka but the feature if the deity which most commonly known as vaishnava ganpathy. the main peculiarity of viashnava mahaganapthy is about its installation. the positioning of lord ganesha in the sanctum together with lord krishna collectively known as vaishnava ganapathy. the installation of lord krishna takes place on the lap of vinayaka. this is one of the rare placing in ganpathy temples.

Ganapathy homam is the main offering, thadi nivedyam is one of the offering in malliyoor mahaganapathy temple to relief from the ill. pazha mala and paal payasam are also the main offering at this temple. aayiram kudam abhishekam is the notable event takes place at the sanctum by the priests, this is the process of pouring the water on the idol from holy temple tank. this lasts for thousand times using the copper pot. during this pooja, chanting of the hymens takes place in a grand way. bhagvathy, ayyappa, yakshi, brahma rakshas etc are the sub deities existing in the temple compound.


The annual festival of malliyoor mahaganapathy temple conducts on malayalam month meenam, this is the annual thiru utsavam which lasts for ten days and ending with the colorful arattu and procession. vinayaka chathurthy is a special day for ganesha, it usually falls in malayalam month chingam. then the birthday day of the priest named malliyoor sankaran nampoothiripad is also celebrated in a grand way. malliyoor mahaganapathy temple located at kuruppunthara on ernakulam-kottayam road. bus terminal is just 1 km away and the nearest rail head also at kuruppunthara is about just half km distance. cochin international airport sitauated 48 km from the spot.

Malliyoor mahaganapathy temple
Malliyoor mahaganapathy temple

temple timings:-
morning- 5.00 am to 11.00 pm
evening- 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm

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