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malambuzha dam and garden – nature beauty at the foot of western ghats

Palakkad Tourist Places – Malambuzha dam and garden welcomes the visitors

malambuzha dam palakkad
malambuzha dam palakkad

Malambuzzha dam in palakkad is not only a dam but also the dam attracts the visitors with a very beautiful garden, the rock garden is the main attraction of the dam, neack chand was the builter of this rock garden at malambuzha he also done the great works like the rock garden in chandigarh. the dam and the garden located along with western ghats in a small township. there are many attractions to cover iin the garden by walking all over the garden. the dam is built acroos the river bhaarathappuzha in palaakad, the dam is the largest reserviour in kerala. the giagantic yakshi sculpture in the garden is world famous,it is the awesome work by kanai kunhiraman.

The rock garden is made not with costly materials, it is only by the waste materials like broken pieces of tiles, bangles, plastic matrials etc. this cretaed only by the intellegence of the sculpturist neck, here we can understand how he got padmasree by india government. malambuzha dam five the water to the the surrounding farms and villages.
here is a place to show the culture art forms of kerala, kathakali, theyyam, thiruvathira, ancient kerala myth during the period of mahabali etc these focused as scenaries in the malamabuzha garden.

The malabuzha garden includes japanese park, mountain view, chess board park, malambuzha dam, snake park, children park etc.

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