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Malambuzha rock garden – Tourist Attractions in Palakkad district

Malambuzha dam and garden main attractions at the destination

rock garden at Malambuzha
rock garden at Malambuzha

Malambuzha dam and the rock garden together have the greatest beauty ever in the world, there is not wondering about this matter because it situated at god’s own country. it is blessed with nature beauty, similarly malambuzha dam and garden located as a part of western ghats, otherwise it a piece fall down to the earth from heaven, there is no words to explain the beauty of malambuzha influenced us. at the entrance to the dam rock garden gives a warm welcome to the visitors, peoples choose this place to achieve refreshment.

The huge statue off an yakshi built in rock, which done by kanai kunhiraman, this yakshi sculpture is world famous. There is a canal flowing in the middle of the garden and have two hanging bridges is present along with these canal. The fantasy park is an another main attraction, initiated in 1995 especially for children. the artificial waves, water rides more than 40 rides is here. this is the only amusement park in kerala which arranging digital planetarium for children. the park us spread in about an area of 15 acres. the boating in malambuzha is very interesting one.

the charging for the boats depend upon the size of the boats. the rock garden covers 800 meter south to the dam.
malambuzha dam and garden have a variety thing compared to other tourists spots in kerala, the rock grden is not a costly one, it is only formed by the artistry by padma sree nekchand. the stills and the images created in the garden is made with the recyclable materials like waste pieces of tiles, granite bangles, plastics and cans, electricity fuse carriers, stones etc.The best time to visit malambuzha is from september to may. there is only pay 10 rupee for adults and 20 rupee for a camera. and 50 rupee for a digital camera.

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