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Malabar wildlife sanctuary, rich in biodiversity along with western ghats

Malabar wildlife sanctuary, 16th sanctuary in kerala

Malabar wildlife Sanctuary
Malabar wildlife Sanctuary

Malabar wildlife sanctuary has a prominent place in biodiversity in kerala which is located as the part of western ghats in malappuram it also comes under the nilgiri biosphere reserve. nilgiri and agasthyarkoodam are the two bio sphere reserves in kerala. the sanctuary is located at the banks of kuttiyadi river, which is known as yellow river in kerala and the only hydro electric project in malabar is belongs to river kuttyadi. malabar wildlife sanctuary is sprawling an area about 75 sq km, it comes under kalpetta forest ranges of wayand division.

actually the sanctuary is located at the border of kozhikode and wayanad. as you know malabar is not considered as a district which is the union part of northern kerala in old days belong to madras presidency. Thamarassery kalpetta ghats connects to the sanctuary on the way from kozhikode to wayanad. it is the 16th wildlife sanctuary among the eighteen wild life sanctuaries in kerala. the sanctuary is rich with flaura and fauna. urakkuzhi waterfalls are adjacent to the sanctuary and it will give the best view to the waterfalls. it hosts the west coast tropical evergreen forest, southern hill top evergreen forest, west coast evergreen forest etc. it also includes the variety of more than 680 flowering plants. herbs, shrubs and medicinal plants.

peruvannamoozhi and kakkayam dam reservoirs are located at the southern direction of the sanctuary. which is visible from the malabar wildlife sanctuary . there is also the facility for trekking. the trekking and other wild activities are maintained by the vana samskarika samithi and ecotourism centers at kakkayam and peruvannamuzhi. the charges for the activities may be varied according to the packages. koilandy railway station is 50 km from sanctuary and the airport is at calicut 40 km away.

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