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Madayipara visit, a top hill point offers the fascinating beauty of kannur

Madayipara, rich with biodiversity in kannur

Madayipara visiting time
Madayipara visiting time

Madayipara is extremely tourist focused natural destination for the viewers who are interested in nature, the hill of this place is actually a gift of nature in kannur district. the hill top has a notable prominence in the geography of kerala. madayipara is rich with greenish flaura and fauna. madayipara is rich with great biodiversity in kerala. there are some variety plants located along with the hill rock of madayippara especially the aquatic and the semi aquatic plants at the hill top. madayipara is a top hill rock and is in flat state.

Madayi para hill rock is located at the northern banks of kuppam river in kannur. the casheew plantaions are focused at the mid land of the forest region. it was the administrative center of ezhimala kings in kannur. The spot is popular for the temples at spot which are the maadayi kavu of goddess bhagavathy that dedicate to kali and the second one is the vadukkunnu temple is dedicate for god shiva. the place is the religious friendly area, there is also a mosque which built during the period of malik dnar may be the time of attacking the south india. there is a special shaped pond that look like the hand mirror plenty with lot of water.

An ancient fort named pazhi kotta which is made by the king of mysore tipu sultan, it situated at the northern region of the fort. tipu built the fort may be to focus the paces clearly from the hill top for the martial purposes. The beautiful birds, flowers and butterflies together offers a spectacular view at the hill top. kannur is the nearest major railway station to connect the other cities, which is 25 km away, there is also the bus stand at kannur. calicut international airport is about 140 meter distance

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