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Lakkidi kunchan smarakam, the memorial dedicate to kunchan nambiar

Kunchan smarakam, the memorial dedicate for preserve the art form ottanthullal

Lakkidi kunchan smarakam location
Lakkidi kunchan smarakam location

Kunchan smarakam is the memorial which dedicate to the great poet kunchan nambyar who gave the contributions in the modern literature. the memorial is located at lakkidi in palakkad at the banks of bharathappuzha and 30 km away from the town. kunchan nambyar is the creator of the kerala art ottan thullal. the art form is actually says the social backgrounds of a society by adding some comedy. kunchan nambyar is the ranked in one of the poet in old trinities including kunchan, thunchan and cherysseery. kunchan nambiar born in this place and his birth home is served as the memorial his birth house called kalakkath killikurissi bhavanam.

The kunchan smarakam was opened fro the visitors since 1976, there is theater arranged for performing the thullal which is called kalitthattu, a library and a museum is arranged in the memorial. There was an interesting story behind the born of thullal in 17th century, during the time of performing chakyarkoothu in the stage of ambalappuzha, he falling in asleep and became ashamed of it by the others, he determined to make a new solo dance form to show contemporary issues, he create such a wonderful art form and got the appreciation. the story line of the dance is thullal pattu, kalyanasougandhikam is the great thullal pattu created by kunchan nambyar.

the costumes of this dance form is well presrved in the museum. here also have the facility for training thullal.
Kunchan smarakam is administrated by government of kerala. navarathri festival s celebrated here in a gran level. the festival is usually comes under gregorian month may in every year. may 5th is the thunchan day. ottappalam is the nearest town which is 3 km away from the destination have both railway station and bus station. cochin international airport is 97 km away from lakkidi.

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