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Lakkam waterfalls munnar – location, images, entry and best time to visit

Lakkam waterfalls, a beautiful waterfall in kerala

lakkam waterfalls idukki
lakkam waterfalls idukki

Lakkam waterfalls is one of the strongest waterfall is located on the way to munnar from marayoor. this is one of the beautiful picnic spot at idukki rich with fresh water originate from Eravikulam Plateau, which is spectacular beauty for the viewers, rather than the locals many peoples from other places reach here to see the beauty of lakkam waterfalls at idukki. lakkam waterfall is an additional beauty to munnar, because munnar is the soul of idukki and the hills surrounded it. munnar is commonly known as the Switzerland of kerala. this is one of the best place for trek lovers. lakkam waterfall is situated 7300 feet from sea level.

Vaga trees are the beutiful attraction at the background of this waterfall, vaga trees overlap the surroundings of this beautiful picture. if you take a bath its water it will be nice. the waterfall is cascading down after passing the rocks. there is a lot of birds and animals survived the jungle around the lakkam waterfalls. also some valuable herbs too. sometimes it is a paradise of paradise of migratory birds. this is a very protective area and it administrated under the authority kerala government.

The visiting time starts from morning 8 to the evening 5. lakkam waterfalls is very adjacent to Vagavurai estate at munnar. the stream is one of the tributary river to pambar, the river flows towards east direction through chinnar wildlife sanctuary. post monsoon season is the best time to sea the scenic beauty of lakkam. cochin international airport is the nearest airport to munnar which located approximate 125 km from munnar, mudrai international airport is the nearest airport in tamilanadu you can reach at aluva railway station which is 110 km away from munnar.
Address: Munnar – Udumalpet Road, Near Eravikulam National Park, Marayoor, Kerala 685620

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