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kuthiramalika, palace museum trivandrum, location, location and historical details

Kuthiramalika, palace museum by the travancore king swathy thirunal

kuthiramalika at triavandrum
kuthiramalika at triavandrum

Kuthira malika is one of the archaeological museum in kerala located at thiruvananthapuram district, the meaning of the name kuthiramalika means horse mansion, kuthiramalika palce built by swathy thirunal ramavarma of trvancore kingdom, he made some useful plans for peoples in that time. he was a brilliant music composer, he shifted the headquarters of travancore from kollam to thrivananthapurram to give more attention in government affairs. kuthiramalika palce located the south east direction from sreepadmanabhaswami temple it is also known as puthenmalika museum. an yearly music festival conducts in this palace to remembering the great swathy thirunnal, the palace courtyard is the stage of swathy sangeetholsavam, hosts on january 4 to 13 every year.

The palace is great example of kerala architecture by viswabrahmins it is believed that more than 50000 viswabrahmins would come a part of this museum. the name of the palace derived from 122 horses that fixed into the wooden wall to get southern roof to be strong. the palace is made up of very precious elements like teak wood, rosewood, marble and granite. the palace includes royal materials and paintings of history that explained the prosperity of travancore kingdom. we can get the direct view of sreepdmanabhaswami temple from here.. the internal structure is very beautiful, an audience chamber is first welcomes you to in the palace. there is also a library there and there is found a meditation room , it is believed that the great compositions of swathy thirunal done in this room. the number of rooms 16 has prominent place in history.

Kuthiramalika palace is open for the visitors from 9.00 am to 12.45 pm and 3-4 pm, monday is holiday. there must pay the fee for entrance, 50 rupee for foreigners and 15 for Indians. the nearest railway station is trivandrum central at a distance 1 km and trivandrum international airport situated at a distance 6km.

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