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Kumbalangi, first rural tourism village in kerala at ernakulam


Kumbalangi, a popular tourism village in ernakulam

Kumbalangi is the tourist village in cohin is famous for the traditional fishing and also it known as the fishing village of kerala and also the tourist village. this fishing hamlet in kochi attracting the lot of visitors all around the country. this is the first designated tourism village in india and the first rural tourism village in kerala. the tourism village is the great example of village tourism without damaging the natural resources. so it popular for the eco friendly village in kerala. this is one of the tourist destination near to fort kochi.

Kumbalangi tourist place
Kumbalangi tourist place

Tourist Attractions


This is the model tourism center is blessed with the kerala back waters and the paddy cultivation, the villagers are the farmers and the fishermen. Chinese fishing net is the unique identification feature in kochi, which is the special fishing methods that originated from Chinese culture that spread into kerala by the industrial dealings with china in old years. the villagers are well treat the tourist who reach at the tourist village. natural toddy shops are also holds at this place also the marine dishes available in the toddy shop.

Location, Staying Options

Kumbalangi tourist village is sprawls an area about 16 sq. km. the tourist village is follows the traditional kerala culture so that the ecological balance is well maintained. kalagramam is the another specialty of the village which is famous for making the traditional handcraft equipment. boating at the backwaters is the highlight at this village. mangroves are the lungs of seashore which is well preserved at this place. accommodation facilitates at the home of the villagers. ernakulam is the nearest city at a distance of 14 km also it is the nearest railway station and the bus station. cochin international airport is about 46 km away. all around the year is best for visiting.

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