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Kowdiar palace, the residential home of travancore royal family

Kowdiar palace, the residential home of travancore king sree chithira thirunal

Kowdiar palace is the natural palace house of travancore kingdom before the union of india, maharaja sree chithira thirunal balarama varma built the palace house for her sister. he was the 12th and the last emperor of travancore kingdom. sree chithira thirunal became famous by the great moment of kerala history by which he announced the entry into the temples without any restrictions for all castes of the people, it is known as kshethra pravesna vilambram in 1936.

Kowdiar palace thiruvananthapuram
Kowdiar palace thiruvananthapuram

he also established the travancore university and the main roads in trivandrum, he known as the king who done the revolutionary movements in the history of the state. it was also the official quarters of him, after the constitutional amendment in india, it partitioned into many shares which belongs to the family of king.
Unfortunately the entry to the palace is strictly prohibited, it is the resident house of the royal family, the architecture of the kowdiar palace is very amazing. it has more 150 rooms in the palace. the palace is located at the heart of the head quarters of the capital city of the kerala.

his samadhi place is also occupied at the compound of the palace which is known as panchavadi. there is a beautiful garden is existed at the compound of the palace. it follows the kerala style of architecture by the help of a German engineer. he add some techniques for the stability of the building. There are three blocks belong to the palace, the gallery of the kings ruled travancore is well preserved here and some other paintings. there is only 4 km distance to connect the palace to the trivandrum city. which holds the facility of bus station, rail head and airport.

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