konni elephant cage – tourist attraction in pathanamthitta district


Konni elephant cage and training canter, one of the training center for elephants in kerala

konni elephant cage
konni elephant cage

Konni elephant training center is located in a famous village in pathanamthitta district, it is famous by the elephant reserve in this village, it is a part of konni reserve forest. people who love elephants and forest must visit this place, this is one of the main tourist place in pathanamthitta district and it is close to adavi eco tourism in konni, elephants are reserved in huge cages built with woods, the huge caves are popularly known as anakkodu, peoples are interested to see the anakoodu, a single cage can accommodate four elephants at a time. it is famous for the training for elephants from the forest.

  • punnathur kotta is famous for reserving large number of elephants in india however here the elephants trained by the skilled trainers.


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Elephant is the state elephant of kerala and also it is the heritage animal of india, the government declared the elephant as heritage animal in 2010. group of elephants known as herd. the elephants who get training is not a big one, it may be a calf of the herd or it will the wounded or injured by any circumstances. elephants get spacial training to do a particular task such as feeding, bathing, exercising etc. the knowledge and brilliance of a special trainer must need to practicing this elephants.


Elephant training in konni elephant training center in initiated in AD 1810, the elephants appears in konni elephant training center is from Mundom moozhy, Mannarappara and Thura forest regions. it is open for the visitors daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. the nearest railway stations are punalur and chengannur. konni is located 10 km from pathanamthitta town. konni bus station is the closest bus stand. kottayam is the nearest major railway station located 30 km away from konni, kodanad is another elephant training center in kerala

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