kollur mookambika temple karnataka – dedication to god of alphabet saraswathy


Kollur mookambika location,festivals,pooja and specialty

kollur mookambika temple karnataka
kollur mookambika temple karnataka

Kollur mookambika temple is one of the important durga temple in india,located at uduppi district in Karnataka.The principal deity of the temple is god of alphabet saraswathy,there is a specialty in pooja the goddess is worshiped in three forms in morning,noon and evening as mahakali,mahalakshmi and maha saraswathy respectively.


The temple is approximately 1200 years old.the king Halugallu Veera Sangayya was installed the idol of the temple.there is a golden sword in the temple that gifted by MGR,was the chief minister of tamilnadu .
Mythology says that there is a demon lived in kollur named kaumasura,he control the powers of gods,at last he faces death he pleased lord shiva to obtain immortality but the goddess saraswathy stops him to speak from attain the power from god shiva.after that give back all the powers of god and killed the demon and she came to be known as mookambika.

another interesting story is relate to kollur mookambika and adisankara,he worshiped mookambika very much by hearing the pray devi appeared in front of him,Shankara requested to travel with her to kerala,she agreed but there was a condition when he look back she would stop and stay right where she was at the time,but the condition break up on the way she stayed at chottanikkara,it believes that devi only returns to mookambika after receiving the morning rituals in chottanikkara every day.

Nithyolsavam is a daily ritual,pakshotsavam is for night ritual and varothsavam is a weekly festival celebrated here,navarathri festival is an important festival hosts here,in 2017 this is hosts from 21st september to 30th september.morning rituals from 5 am to 1.30 pm and evening from 3 pm to 9 pm

The distance between the temple and bus station is about 1 km.byndoor mookambika railway station is the railway station near to the temple with distance 27 km,the private bus services and rikshas available from here to reach the temple.mangalore international airport is close with 20 km distance from city center.

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