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Kodanad elephant training center located in ernakulam – near to malayattoor

Kodanad elephant training center, largest elephant training centers in india

Kodanad elephant training center
Kodanad elephant training center

Kodanad elephant training center is one of the largest training centers for elephants in kerala, located at the southern banks of the river periyar. except kodanad konni is the popular training canters in kerala. the necessity of conserving the elephants are very important because elephant is the national animal and also a heritage animal in india. in 2010 government of india declared the elephant as national heritage animal in india, also the project elephant was established in 1992. there is a particular day for elephants. october 4 is the elephant day in every year locally it known as gajadinam.

The elephants trained in the center is catch from the forests near to the spot. in early days it caught very well, according to the wild protection act there are some restrictions to catch the elephants from the malayattoor forests, the famous malayattor church is one of the christian pilgrim center at the opposite bank of periyar, it can easily access from the church via boat. kodanad is famous for elephant kraal is the mini zoo and elephant rescue center. kodanad is the hot spot belongs to the one of the ecotourism spots by the government of india. the mini zoo occupies some local species in the destination.

Kodanad is famous for the elephant ride. when you reach at the center especially in morning, the bathing and the feeding of the elephants. the center is opens for the visitors from 8 am to 6 pm. there is only 2 rupee for the entrance. but it charges a high rate for elephant safari, 200 rupee for elephant safari for four persons. when you travel 45 km from here you can reach at ernakulam railway station. perumbavur is the nearest city to connect through buses. cochin international airport is 20 km from here.

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