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Kerala Muruga Temples List – Popular Lord Subramanian Kshethram Pilgrim Places


Popular Kerala Muruga Temples Name and Details

There are so many popular and major lord subramanian temples, some of the kerala muruga temples are listed below. We will try to update more details of these kerala subramanian kshethram here.

Arangavu Subramanian
Aarpookkara Subramanian
Banthedukka Subramanian
Chalingadu Subramanian
Chembre Subramanian
Chemmanda Subramanian
Cheriyanadu Subramanian
Cheruvannur Subramanian
Cheloor Subramanian


Chevayoor Subramanian
Eravimangalam Subramanian
Eruthavoor balaSubramanian
Elangunnapuzha Subramanian
Harippadu Subramanian
Karikkadu Subramanian Malappuram
Kattukukke Subramanian
Kedakulam Cherukara Subramanian Trivandrum
Kidangoor Subramanian

Kumarakulam Subramanian
Kuzhoor Subramanian
Koottumadam Subramanian
Kodakara kunnathrikkovil Subramanian
Kodunthara Subramanian
Kodumbu Subramanian Palakkad
Mannam Subramanian
Malleeswaran kovil Subramanian
Munikkallu guhalayam
Moonnar Subramanian

Methrikovil Subramanian
Naduvannoor Subramanian
Nelpini Subramanian
Padinjattumuri Subramanian
Panmana Subramanian
Parapookkara Subramanian
Pariharapuram Subramanian
Pazhuvil Subramanian
Parthala Subramanian
Paliekkara Subramanian

Kerala Muruga Temples Name
Kerala Muruga Temples Name

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