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Kerala Kalamandalam, Training center for traditional kerala art forms


Kerala kalamandalam, first deemed university to train the art forms of kerala

kerala kalamandalam cheruthuruthi
kerala kalamandalam cheruthuruthi

Kerala kalamandalam is a popular art training center of kerala, the great art of of kerala which is kathakali got the world attention by the training facilities host here. kerala kalamandalam is the first deemed university of kerala and it is literally called the kalpitha sarvaklasala. the center is established not only for the kathakali but also it provide a vast space for many traditional art forms of kerala. a lot of students is stay here to take the graduation in kerala art forms. kerala kalamandalam was established by vallathol narayana menon who was a famous poet in the modern trinity of kerala literature and he was the former president of the institution. kerala kalamandalam is well pictured in the malayalam movie kamladalam, the story of that movie promoted through the background of it.


kerala kalamandallam is located at cheruthuruthy village of thrissur district, this kind of an institution is very rare one in kerala which located at the banks of bharathappuzha. besides kathakali the art form including mohhiniyattam, koodiyattam, panchavadyam, thullal etc. it also provides the training for the vocal instruments. many world famous artists are grown from here. koootahambalm is the dance performing theater which arranged here.

kerala kalamandhalam was established in 1930, the university is now administrated by the government of kerala. there is regular classes hold at the university for mohiniyattam, kathakali, kuchipudi, nangyar koothu etc. karnatic music has a special place in the institution which trained earl in the morning before the sunrise. vistors are allowed in the working days of the institution from 9to 5. shornur is the nearest town which is 3 km away from the universitty which easily connect to nearest cities by buses and trains. the nearest airport is cohin international, is 78 km distance from keralakalamandalam

Address: Thrissur – Shoranur Road, Thrissur District, Cheruthuruthy, Kerala 679531
Phone:04884 262 418

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