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kerala boat race 2017 – list of important vallamkali with date and venue


kerala boat race – vallamkali lists

kerala boat race 2017 dates
kerala boat race 2017 dates

vallam kali aka kerala boat race are very popular and it’s one of the tourist attractions. vallam kali is an sport event in water, most popular vallam kali is nehru trophy. The race of Chundan Vallam is the major event. churulan vallam, iruttukuthy vallam, odi vallam, veppu vallam, vadakkanody vallam and kochu vallam are some of the other boat (vallam). you can all major vallam kali events, boat races in kerala with date. Champakkulam Boat Race, Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Payippad Boat Race, Kumarakom Boat Race, Aranmula Boat Race, Indira Gandhi Boat Race etc.


DateBoat Race Name Venue
08th July 2017Champakkulam Boat RaceChampakkulam – Alappuzha District
12th August 2017Nehru Trophy Boat RacePunnamada – Alappuzha District
02nd September 2017Mahathma Boat raceMannar – Alappuzha District
06th September 2017Payippad Boat RacePayippad – Alappuzha District
06th September 2017Kumarakom Boat RaceKumarakom – Kottayam District
08th September 2017Aranmula Boat RaceAranmula – Pathanamthitta District
28th December 2017Indira Gandhi Boat RaceKochi – Ernakulam District
01st November 2017President’s Trophy Boat RaceAshtamudi lake – Kollam District
N/AKallada Boat RaceKallada River – Kollam District
N/APampa Boat Race in NeerattupuramNeerattupuram – Alappuzha District
N/AKannetty Sree Narayana Boat RaceKarunagappally – Kollam District
N/AThazhathangadi Boat RaceKottayam District
N/AGothuruth Boat RacePeriyar – Ernakulam District
N/APiravom Boat RacePiravom – Ernakulam District
boat races in kerala dates
boat races in kerala dates

We publish more details about kerala boat races, festivals, cultural programs, tourist spots etc here. you can subscribe us for more updates. boat race in malayalam means vallamkali, it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions of kerala. Every year record numbers of indian and international tourists coming kerala to enjoy boat races. Nehru trophy 2017 date is saturday, 12th August at alappuzha punnamada lake. if you planning to visit kerala during onam festival season, don’t miss nehru trophy vallam kali.

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