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Karumadikkuttan statue in ambalappzuha – the only budha statue in kerala

Karumadikkuttan statue, budha statue in alappuzha near ambalappuzha

karumadikkuttan statue ambalappuzha
karumadikkuttan statue ambalappuzha

Karumadikkuttan statue is the remaining evidence of Buddhist center in kerala. this is one of the rare Buddha centers in kerala and worshiped in kerala very well. karumadi is a small village near to ambalappuzha in alappuzha district. it also exhibits the fascinating things relate to 11th century. karumadi kuttan is the devotional spirit of the villagers of karumadi. the statue is made with black granite and have 3 feet height. the statue of karumadi is now in destroyed state but it is believed that the statue is built during 14th century in kerala. the statue is renovated by robert bristo, he was a British engineer and also the builder of cochin port.

he took some renovating activities to protect the statue. but the left side of the statue is extremely decayed, it is belived that it was destroyed by the attack of an elephant. kerala archaeological department preserving the statue well. It shows how influenced the Buddha and the ideology in kerala, histories says that in early days Buddha beliefs was existed very strong in south kerala especially in kayamkulam, ambalppuzha etc. krumadikkuttan literally means a boy from karumadi. this black statue of lord Buddha is located at the banks of punnamada lake in alappuzha district.

Karumadikkuttan statue is 15 km away from alappuzha adjacent to ambalappuzha village. you can easily reach at the statue when you travel through NH47 from kollam to alappuzha route. it is the only temple in kerala which dedicate Buddha as principal deity. punnamda lake near to the statue offer best back water tourism and boating in the water is very interesting. ambalappuzha is the nearest city which is the major city to connect by buses. alappuzha is the nearest railway station at a distance of 17 km and the cochin international airport located at a distance of 101 km.

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